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sarcastress [userpic]

Evie's ridiculous hair

September 7th, 2010 (01:22 pm)

She's 7 weeks old now and her hair is still growin' strong. How do you like her new 'do? And by 'do, I just mean the barrette. The standing up straight part is what it does naturally. :)

sarcastress [userpic]

Hooray for little steps toward normalcy

August 11th, 2010 (11:02 pm)

Evie had the WORST NIGHT EVAR last night. From about 2 p.m. to 2 a.m., she didn't sleep at all. This is BAD. She cried and screamed for about 4 hours straight in the afternoon, and at least an hour between 1 and 2 a.m. I got so frustrated I called the 24-hour nurse line and got a great woman who had 2 1/2 year old twins herself and lots of great advice for colicky babies. She also suggested I call the pediatrician this morning, which I was SO planning to do already.

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sarcastress [userpic]

How do people do it?

August 6th, 2010 (06:50 pm)

We're going to try having Evie sleep in her crib tonight, instead of the bassinet in our bedroom. We're also trying to initiate a bedtime routine. I'm beyond ready to get this going, but have read so many conflicting theories about when to start bedtime training. She's not yet 3 weeks old, and I've read that it won't work until 4 weeks--or 6 weeks, or 3 months, etc. And I'm dreading having her resist and get upset, because I know I'll feel like a terrible mother if I let her cry at all.

I keep hearing about people who have these 4-hour babies and I just can't imagine it. Evie eats every 2 hours, even though she's on formula (which is a long and disappointing story), and usually doesn't sleep more than an hour at a time until 3-4 a.m.

I think I have a little case of baby blues. Every time I talk to my mom (or read an email from her, or just think about her), I start crying. I was lucky enough to have her come visit for a week after Evie was born, but now she's back home and I have moments where I just want my mommy. And whenever Steve leaves to go to work, or just goes in the other room to play a video game, I feel all alone and want him to be with me so we can be a family.

This is all very weird for me, because I've never been a very emotional person. And I hate to admit when I need help, but I'm considering telling my doctor how I'm feeling. I've hardly even told Steve, because I don't want to worry him, and he's been so great--I couldn't ask for a better daddy for Evie or husband for me.

Well, she's sleeping now so I'm going to chill, but just wanted to get this off my chest somewhere. I know I'm okay, and I know Evie is healthy and doing great, but the emotional stuff is different for me - I guess that's why people journal, huh? :)

sarcastress [userpic]

Very cool things

August 4th, 2010 (11:46 pm)

I started going back to the gym this week. I only went twice so far, but it's nice to get back. What is so totally awesome is that I finally got the courage to weigh myself yesterday, and I only weigh 7 pounds more than before I got pregnant. SCORE! I was shocked. I mean, I know I haven't had any time to eat lately, but dang. Very exciting!

And then I was talking to one of the other gym regulars today and she was asking me about the baby/delivery/etc, and I mentioned how I was induced because they don't like to let "older moms" go too far overdue, and she asked how old I was. She said she thought I was 24! OMG!

So I had a pretty darn good day. Which is good, because Evie is in ticking time bomb mode tonight. She was fussy from like 4:00 all through the evening. Steve let me sleep for a couple hours since he has to work early in the morning and can't get up with her in the night. So it's all me. She's currently sleeping (finally!), but we'll see how long that lasts. She's sort of nocturnal at this point. Mommy has been watching lots of Angel episodes from 3-5 a.m. :)

sarcastress [userpic]

Evie is still adorable, but slightly bigger

August 3rd, 2010 (11:23 am)

She's two weeks old now. It seems like we've had her forever - although that might just be because we've barely slept. :)

She had her 2-week checkup yesterday and has gained 11 ounces and grown 1/2 inch already. What a big girl! Here are some newer pictures.

Love her after-bath "Liza hair." She'll probably need her first haircut in about a month!

sarcastress [userpic]

Well, as expected, my baby is the cutest one EVER

July 22nd, 2010 (09:16 am)

Evie was born on Sunday afternoon at 12:30, weighing 8 pounds, 8 oz, and is 20 3/4 inches long. She's pretty much freakin' gorgeous. Allow me to illustrate.

Here are some photos that the hospital photographer took for their website: 

And here are a couple pictures taken at the hospital on Monday. Is she cute or what?

sarcastress [userpic]

One more day!

July 16th, 2010 (09:57 pm)

We check in tomorrow night to be induced. This was not my preference, and I'm not late yet (tomorrow is actually my due date), but my doctor's on vacation next week so my other options were getting whatever doctor was on call when I went into labor, or waiting 2 more weeks to get induced if I didn't have the baby while he was gone.

We decided that since I'm a "senior mom" at 37, and they keep saying we oldsters have a higher risk of stillbirth if we go too far past our due date, we should just do it now. One of my closest friends and his wife suffered a stillbirth with their first child, and while I'm not a nervous person, I can't imagine having to go through that. This is our miracle baby, and I just don't want to take any more risks than necessary.

So in we go at about 7:00 tomorrow evening. They'll start with some kind of pill every 4 hours, and if that doesn't start anything, I'll get pitocin starting around 5 a.m. on Sunday. My doctor says we'll have a baby by Sunday afternoon; I'm not imposing any kind of deadline on this kid, but I'm still pretty excited that I'll be a mom after this weekend.

I'll post more next week after we're all home. Woot!

sarcastress [userpic]

My kid has no sense of direction

July 8th, 2010 (10:00 pm)

Just over a week until my due date, and the baby doesn't want to move an inch. She keeps kicking me in the ribs, but doesn't make any downward progression. My doctor isn't concerned, but all I've heard up until now is how "older moms" shouldn't go past their due date, so I'd feel better if she'd start the migration sooner rather than later.

I'm not at all surprised, though. Both my nephews and my niece were overdue--by as much as 2 weeks. Nobody in my family is in a hurry, apparently.

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sarcastress [userpic]

Dude, what is this on my face?

July 1st, 2010 (08:26 pm)

So annoying: I have this red spot on the left side of my nose that I think is a dilated or broken capillary (my doctor agrees). Unfortunately (even more unfortunate than having a red spot on my nose), it's so close to the skin that for the last 2 days any time I blow my nose or sneeze or dry my face after washing it, the stupid thing starts bleeding and will not stop for like an hour.

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sarcastress [userpic]

Oh, hello, thousand calories in one sitting

May 12th, 2010 (08:57 pm)

Not only did I not go to the gym today, but I ate a pint of ice cream for dinner. I've heard of people doing that--like in Bridget Jones' Diary and stuff--but I had no idea it could actually be done in real life. I feel like a cow. There is really no excuse for this. I could say, "The baby wanted it!" but that's not going to make my ass any smaller. Sheesh.

I do have to say, though: Ben & Jerry's Key Lime Pie ice cream is possibly the best thing ever invented.

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